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Gold Leaf Jewelry

Natures Leaf Jewelry-All USA Made

This jewelry is made from mother nature; no two leaves are alike. All of our leaf jewelry is made from real leaves. All leaves are preserved in 24kt gold, leaving a beautiful lacy effect. All necklaces come with a 24 inch hamilton gold overlaid chain. All earrings come with 14 k gold filled french ear wires. All leaves come carded with an editorial about each leaf. We offer a hand crafted oak, two sided, spinner counter display. This display is 11 inches wide, 6 inches deep, and 19 inches tall. The display has 24 pegs, 12 on each side. There is a $30 charge for the display which is offset with free merchandise. The cost for necklaces is $6.00 each and earrings is $7.00 each.

Leaves we sell in Gold are;

Aspen,Birch,Cottonwood,Elm,Full Moon Maple,Japanese Maple,Lacey Oak,Pine Cone,Pointed Oak,Sugar Maple.

2 piece per peg: 24 necklaces and 24 earrings is $342.00

3 piece per peg: 36 necklaces and 36 earrings is $498.00

4 piece per peg: 48 necklaces and 48 earrings is $654.00

$30.00 display cost included in prices above.

You may order an assortment of 12 necks & 12 earrings for $156.00 with no display.

email us your order (jsayles@rushmore.com), we will send you a paypal invoice by return email.