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SD Rose Quartz Jewelry

Rose Quartz Necklaces and Earrings-All USA Made

We use only genuine Rose Quartz for all of our necklaces and ear rings. All of the Rose Quartz is set in 14kt Hamilton Gold Overlaid findings. All Necklaces come on a 18 inch Hamilton Gold Overlaid chain, and all ear rings come with surgical steel posts. All merchandise comes carded with a short editorial about Rose Quartz. We offer a two sided Oak spinner counter display, this display has 40 pegs, 20 pegs on two sides. The display is 21 inches tall, 11 inches wide, and 6 inches deep. Wholesale cost $5.00 for Necklaces, $6.00 for ear rings, there is a $30.00 charge for the display, and is offset with free merchandise.

2 pcs per peg, 40 Necks, 40 Ear rings $470.00

3 pcs per peg, 60 Necks, 60 Ear rings $690.00

4 pcs per peg, 80 Necks, 80 Ear rings $910.00

Display charge of $30.00 included in above prices.

You may order a starter package without display of 18 necks & 18 matching earrings for $198.00.

email us your order (jsayles@rushmore.com), we will send you a paypal invoice by return email.